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Dear Teachers, Students, and Friends,

I want you to know that with great sorrow that I have terminated my licensing agreement with Anusara Yoga (my legal right to use the name “Anusara” in my programs and teaching). I have been with Anusara Yoga almost since the beginning (14 years). I learned a tremendous amount from John Friend (Anusara’s creator), information that transformed not only my own yoga practice but my teaching. I have shared much of that with you. I remain grateful for all that I learned and have no regrets about my participation in Anusara--as teacher, as committee member, as mentor, as leader. I still believe the method to be sound, intelligent, safe, and effective. I simply no longer align with the organization and its founder, John Friend.

The hardest part of this decision is my responsibility to the students and teachers I have guided along this path. I waited this long because I truly hoped we could salvage Anusara’s good name and that I could encourage the aspiring teachers among you to continue to pursue Anusara Inspired/Certified status. Alas, I can see no good for any of us from continuing to lend our names and reputations to Anusara.

The bright side? You know me to be a teacher of the highest caliber and integrity, and that is what matters. None of that hinges on the name “Anusara,” much less John Friend, whom many of you have never met.

I will continue offering workshops, immersions, teacher trainings, and therapeutics (injury) trainings here in the New York area, the Hamptons, across the United States, and abroad. I have been registered as an independent yoga school (Blue Sky Yoga) with the Yoga Alliance for 10 years. All teachers who complete my teacher trainings can register with Yoga Alliance 200-hour teacher registration.  I look forward to offering advanced teacher trainings as well. I now have more freedom to design programs tailored to the need s of each studio and training group, without the obligation to work within Anusara’s requirements.

Over the coming months I will also be collaborating with other teachers who have left Anusara (our numbers are growing daily) to strengthen and support our efforts, as part of my longstanding “Studio Without Walls.”

In the meantime, I am looking forward to a radiant summer in the Hamptons, with public classes, an immersion, and private lessons from Southampton to Montauk. Headed that way? Email or (917)975-8009.

Information on all of my public classes, workshops, immersions, retreats, and teacher trainings will as always be found on my website,

I hope you will take what I have written to heart. I also truly hope that this is only the beginning of a new phase of collaboration with each of you. I remain dedicated to sharing the highest level of yoga technique and teaching, with full integrity, intelligence, and heart, and I want you to be part of that. Every death is a rebirth!

I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, inspirations,

Yours truly,

Lois Nesbitt
May 22, 2012